This section provides recommendations for the fertile days with our system and we hope that this will help you to obtain a desired pregnancy naturally.

      • The test should not be done until one hour after eating, drinking, having alcohol or smoking in order to avoid any alteration in the saliva composition.
      • It is advisable to carry out the test in the mid-morning or in the afternoon, when the saliva is more diluted, early in the morning, it might be more viscose and can make difficult its crystallization.
      • To secrete more saliva you can give small nibbles gently on the tongue.
      • Take the sample of saliva with your finger and deposit it gently on the crystal, carefully removing any bubble from the saliva.
      • It is recommended to use it once a day to keep under control your cycle and to observe the possible variations, as well as take notes of the results, following the example at the bottom of this leaflet.
      • Once the test is done, you should clean the crystal located in the white coloured area only with the supplied chamois, until it is completely clean so that it will be ready for the next control.
      • Before starting to use the microscope for the first time, focus it by turning the two pieces until you can see the symbol ♀ of the protective seal of the crystal. If you do not turn the pieces again, it will always be focused.
      • If the test goes out of focus, you can breathe a little on the crystal and focus it rapidly, you will see the crystal full of drops which will help you to focus it.


      • Any process of inflammation or mouth infections (tonsillitis, dental gumboil, gingivitis…) can alter the results.
      • FertilControl Easy should not be used as a contraceptive method, but rather as an analysis system to know the fertility days of women.  The correct interpretation of the results guarantees its reliability.
      • This system does not protect against venereal diseases such as AIDS virus, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.  Consult your gynecologist or doctor for that purpose.
      • The manufacturer of this product is not responsible for the wrong interpretation of the results.
      • FertilControl Easy must not be used by women during menopause, while breast feeding, who take contraceptive pill or follow hormonal or fertility treatment.  Any women who have given birth, finished breast feeding or stopped taking birth control pills must wait for two menstrual cycles before using this test.
      • Once the device has been focused for the first time, the protective seal must be taken away before use.
      • To take a picture with your mobile camera, approach the lens of the camera near the device through the purple area and, towards a more or less lighted area, depending on the sensitivity of the mobile camera, to take photographs of the results.
      • FertilControl Easy complies with the current regulations.
      • Keep away from children, it can contain small parts.
      • The user should not take any decision of medical relevance without first consulting her medical practitioner.

We recommend you to read our FAQ’s section and visit our links that inform on fertility issues.