You will learn how to use the ovulation test FERTILCONTROL Easy  with the following guide in order to know the fertile days and get pregnant easily.

You can find the video of the Ovulation Test below.

Fertilcontrol Easy Instructions



Focus the device looking through the purple area until seeing properly the symbol ♀ and then
take away the protective seal before use. This step is done in the first use.


Place a drop of saliva on the crystal which is in the white coloured area. Let the saliva dry instrucciones2completely for 15 to 20 minutes and carefully take away any bubbles that might appear.



Once the saliva is dry, look through the device moving it towards a bright light. You should never focus it directly to sunlight. Never focus it to sunlight directly.


instrucciones4To take a picture of the results with the mobile, you must move the device towards a more or less illuminated area, depending on the sensitivity of the mobile camera.



This is a photograph of the ferns from the Fertilcontrol Easy using a mobile with halogen light.

With FertilControl Easy you can observe the following images:

Infertile Period

no fertil transp

If fern-like pattern is not observed, the women is not ovulating and it will be very difficult for her to get pregnant.

Transitory Period

regular transp

If similar pattern to the picture is observed, there is a low probability of conceiving, and only on the days previous to the ovulation.

Fertile Period

fertil transp

If fern-like pattern is observed, women are in their fertile period, so there are more possibilities to get pregnant.

For a major security, you should repeat the test diary. Every woman has its own ovulation cycle, because of that you should do the FERTILCONTROL Easy test every day, in order to be familiarized with your own ovulation cycle and observe the possible variations.

Remember that it is a reusable test, so it will be very economic and efficient.

If you have any doubt you can also have a look to our section of FAQ’s.

We can see how the ovulation test Fertilcontrol works in the following video: