How to decide between saliva or urine test

Are you thinking about getting pregnant and you are not sure about which method use to know your ovulation?

Saliva ovulation test or urine test stripes?

Once you start thinking about getting pregnant, you face a new world full of doubts. Will I get pregnant this month? Do we try again? What we should never do is giving up and instead looking for different ways that help us to know better our body and much better if we do it in a natural way.

Nowadays there are several methods to get to know the women’s menstrual cycle and in this way knowing the most fertile days to get pregnant. In the market there are different options such as the saliva ovulation test or the urine tests.

fertil control transp

Example of ovulation saliva test

On the one hand, ovulation test through saliva measure the oestrogen level increase that women experience during their ovulation period. This increase of the oestrogen level allows the ovum to release from the ovary.  This occurs approximately 14 days before the first day of menstruation. The high level of oestrogen is present in the saliva, blood and urine of women.  The mineral salts present in the saliva crystallize to a greater extent when the level of oestrogen increases, observed in fern form. When ovulation is over, progesterone increases, inhibiting the fern formation, therefore only undefined points without form can be observed.

orine strips

Example of urine test stripes

On the other hand, urine test stripes allows you to detect the highest value of the luteinizing hormone (LH), what announces that the ovulation will take place in one or two days. The level of these hormones is low during the menstrual cycle. However, it increases quickly just before ovulation. These stripes allow you to detect an increase of LH in the urine 24 or 48 hours before ovulation.

Hereunder you will find the main advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

V Economic (long term) V Economic (initially)
V  One-time purchase (low initial investment) Monthly purchases
 Reliability 98% V Reliability 98-99%
V  Reusable for 3 years Disposable
V  Daily use V Daily use
X Take into account if you are taking medicines for fertility because ferns can appear even you are not ovulating X Take care with the polycystic ovaries or menopause because usually in these cases LH level increase even you are not ovulating
 You can take pictures until get to know your own cycle V You can take pictures of the stripes results
 There is an APP that help us to know better our cycle through graphics made from the fern results photos X There is not APP to interpret the results obtained with the stripes
Discrete use X Its use requires some privacy and coordination
 100% natural without chemical products X It uses chemical products
Specially recommended to women with irregular cycles due to they can get to know their cycle using the microscope daily



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