Get the desired pregnancy with the Fertilcontrol Easy App

Get to know your ovulation cycle with the help of your Smartphone

It is becoming more frequent the appearance of applications to facilitate women to get the desired pregnancy.

Of the large number of smartphone applications that exist in the market a large amount is related to women and their needs. Among them we can find the free APP of Fertilcontrol Easy. The application is addressed to all those women who seek to become pregnant, with a natural method from the easy knowledge of their ovulation cycle.

In this APP you can find detailed information about the saliva ovulation test called Fertilcontrol Easy. It is a pocket microscope that allows women to perform a quick and simple test using saliva to know their fertile days and understand their ovulation cycle.

If you download the free application, you can find detailed information about the usefulness and performance of Fertilcontrol Easy, as well as helping you understand how ovulation occurs and know the best time to get pregnant.

If you already have the ovulation test Fertilcontrol Easy, using the Smartphone application you can get a personalized chart with the days when the pregnancy is very likely. For that purpose, the Fertilcontrol Easy APP includes a section called “Test” in which through the photos taken to the results of the ovulation test it will allow you to track your ovulation cycle thanks to the application that creates a graph of the results automatically.

Using Fertilcontrol Easy is easier than you think


Proper position to take a picture

You should only bring the camera of your smartphone to the back of the ovulation test, pointing it to a more or less illuminated area and adjusting the device until you see the result you have obtained from your saliva. When the screen of your smartphone can clearly see the sample of saliva obtained, take the photo.

When you load the photograph in the APP Fertilcontrol Easy, you will be asked to compare the result of the image with 5 different patterns. The patterns change according to the level of ferns observed: level 5 shows how the ferns look like during the period of greatest fertility, from levels 4 to 2 they would show weaker periods of fertility, being level 1 the period of infertility without any visible fern.

All the images uploaded to the application will be stored together with the level of ferns in the user account you created with your name and age when you open the application for the first time. The storage of these photographs will allow the application to automatically create a graphic with which you can easily identify which specific days it will be easier to achieve the pregnancy.

The APP Fertilcontrol Easy is available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic for Android devices.



If you are interested in purchasing the ovulation test Fertilcontrol Easy, you can do it from Spain by going to your usual pharmacy and giving your pharmacist the national code: No. 155361.4 in case he/she does not have the product.

If you want to obtain it from another country please contact Kavisha Pharma at or phone +34 96 5565599 and we will be happy to inform you how to get it available.

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