In this section you will find the most frequent asked questions that you can have about the use of the ovulation test through saliva and you will find the answers which will help you to know the most fertile days.

How does FERTILCONTROL work?

FERTILCONTROL detects the hormonal changes that occur in your body during the menstrual cycle. At the time of ovulation, an increased level of estrogen is produced. This hormone promotes the precipitation of the mineral salts in the form of ferns. As the time of ovulation approaches, the amount of estrogen and therefore the presence of ferns is more abundant. After ovulation, the increase of progesterone inhibits the formation of ferns, so only shapeless bubbles will be observed.

What is the reliability of FERTILCONTROL?

FERTILCONTROL reliability is 98% higher than other existing analysis methods, but lies in the correct use of the instructions and the interpretation of the results.

What happens if I put a small amount of saliva on the glass? Can affect the results?

Similarly that an excess of sample can affect the results, also can a defect of saliva because there will not be an enough amount to be displayed correctly. The drop of saliva should be a thin layer that covers the entire glass and it should be deposited on it without dragging or leave air bubbles.

Are the results reliable if I perform the test just in the morning before having breakfast?

Although the perfect time to take the sample is the first thing that should be done in fasting, often the saliva of early in the morning may be too viscous and this fact can make difficult the formation of ferns. If this is your case, it is better to use FERTILCONTROL in the mid-morning or afternoon when saliva is more diluted, but always taking care of neither having eaten anything in the last hour nor having washed your teeth in the last 2 hours.

Why are the results altered if I’ve brushed my teeth or eat something before placing the sample?

Because in the saliva is produced a dilution of the amount of estrogen and therefore the crystallization of mineral salts (ferning) may not take place even if you are ovulating.

Do all women see the same pattern of ferns?

No, because every woman produces different amounts of estrogen, so that every woman will have its unique pattern of ferns.

Can I see ferns whether or not I am on the days near the ovulation?

Some women may see sometimes ferns although they are not near ovulation. That is due to a second estrogen rise near the end of the cycle before menstruation, in this case, the ferns are smaller and less developed and you can only see them for one or two days.

Can I use FERTILCONTROL throughout all the month?

Not only it is possible, it is recommended to know better your cycle. You must use daily FERTILCONTROL taking the saliva sample at any moment of the day, but always taking care to not have eaten anything, or smoked, or have washed your teeth in the last two hours. If the first thing you do early in the morning is the test, saliva might be too thick and you will not see ferns properly.

What happens if I do not see ferns?

It can be due to different reasons:

  • You must be sure you have not eaten, drunk, smoked or brushed your teeth for at least two hours before the test.
  • You must be certain that the saliva is completely dry (when you look at the sample through FERTILCONTROL it does not move)
  • Make sure you have focused the optical system correctly.
  • Maybe your body does not produce enough estrogen and therefore ovulation have not taken place (anovulatory cycles). If you think this is what is happening to you, you should consult your gynecologist / a.
  • Check that you have not taken any medication that could mask the results.

I see ferns every day. What’s going on?

A small percentage of women produce a large amount of estrogen throughout the month. One reason may be that women do not produce enough progesterone. If you think this is what is happening to you, please consult your gynecologist/a.

Can the fact of using a dryer to dry the simple because i am in hurry in the morning affects the results?

When the device is dried by any accessory you can drag the sample and leave over it specks of dust or other foreign substances that can lead to a misinterpretation. Ideally, allow the sample to become dry during the necessary time, as it will not change, you can look at it at other time day.

How can I increase the chances of pregnancy?

Sometimes getting pregnant is not something that is achieved quickly, it can take some time. To increase the chances of pregnancy we suggest that you keep relations as early ferns are observed.

Sperm live about 72 hours while the average life of the ovum is just 24 hours. For this reason it is advisable not only to maintain relations the day of ovulation but also the previous days in order to increase the chances.

Can the results be interfered by anything?

Interactions are either being pregnant or having recently been, being lately taking hormonal contraceptives and certain medications may also influence.

How long does it take away the samples?

If the sample is kept in a dry environment, it can last for several months. For cleaning it, you should only use a damp cloth and rub the glass carefully.

What does it mean see a few ferns one day and that the next day they are gone?

It means that your body has experienced a small increase in estrogen levels, a fact that can happen for several reasons but you should not give it importance if it is not embodied in a progressive increase in the number of ferns showed in the image, which would indicate ovulation. Therefore, observing a few ferns just one day in a while and then next day see how they have disappeared indicates only small hormonal fluctuations and thus ovulation has not occurred.

Is my first month without contraception, can I use FERTILCONTROL?

The first cycle without taking contraceptives is often quite irregular, so we advise you to leave them for two cycles in order to allow your body to stabilize and therefore get more meaningful results.

Should we continue using FERTILCONTROL everyday if my cycle is exactly the same for 2 months?

In women with regular menstrual cycles, ovulation usually occurs in the mid-cycle. However, if you are using the product to achieve pregnancy, we advise you to keep using FERTILCONTROL daily until you get it. It is important to take into account that sometimes the time of ovulation may vary (early or late) due to various factors such as stress, anxiety, nervousness…

What if I have disorders in the cycle?

If you have disorders in the cycle, you can detect them by means of ferns display, which will have different frequency.

Which system of all the available is the most reliable?

You will see several similar systems to our ovulation test in pharmacies, some of them are sold online without CE mark, so are illegal and have not warranty, but the difference between those models and our Fertilcontrol varies in shape, color, and especially the price, ours complies with the current legislation, with its CE marking and its National Code No. 155361.4.

For how long can I use FERTILCONTROL?

The recommended duration of use of the FERTILCONTROL Easy is about 3 years with its due care and use.