10 Ovulation claims that may cause confusion

Know these topics about ovulation and find out how is the reality


1. If I avoid the intercourses the day I notice I am ovulating I cannot get pregnant. 

FALSE. These symptoms cannot be used as birth control because they are not too much concrete and because ovulation may appear a few days before or after the symptoms.

2. As I do not have the menstruation I do not ovulate. 

FALSE. You can ovulate and have a mild menstruation that can be unnoticed. Also there are anatomical problems that can prevent for menstruation but not ovulation.

3. Ovulation takes place in a different ovary every month.

FALSE. Each month you ovulate from the ovary with the dominant follicle, which can be the same as the previous month or not. You have two ovaries, but they work as a single organ that responds to hormonal stimuli.

4. The pain of “those days” is a mental condition, not physical. 

FALSE. This is a totally physical pain that occurs because of the discomfort caused by the rupture of the ovarian follicle to expel the oocyte.

5. I cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding.

FALSE. At this stage, prolactin level prevents ovulation, but there may be ovulatory leaks, with the possibility of pregnancy.

And you, how many of these topics did you know were false?

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